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private Coaching 1:1

No one is you and that is your

Do you:

- Feel lost, indecisive & frankly a bit chaotic and messy?

- Feel unsatisfied, mentally and emotionally blocked & frustrated?

- Feel stuck and lack focus / motivation / direction?

- Feel you're on auto-pilot, managing the day-to-day tasks/errands and don't know where the time goes?

- Low in energy? Or feeling like you need a fresh start?


If you said "Yep!" to any of these, it's time to:

"Dream big and CREATE your story!"


Life Coaching Session (60mins): Get clear, aligned with your visions and/or get that loving supportive nudge you need to follow through. Book as and when you feel called to, or invest in a package to ensure you're experiencing sessions periodically, to keep you on the path to your best self. - £55 per session

5 session package -  £255 (save £20)

(to be used within 2-months of the first session)


10 session package - £497 (save £53)

(to be used within 4-months of the first session)

Intention Setting Session (75mins): How is it you want to feel and be, stepping into the next stage of your business/career, as a (new) parent, or your next year around the sun? Ideal during a transition, or in the lead up to your birthday, an event, change in circumstance/role/season, or New Year. Start that next chapter in your life Inspired and grounded in the Intention to Embody whom you’re becoming. - £70 per session


COaching programs

You are surrounded by and filled with
Infinite Wisdom

A 'Re-connecting' Journey to your True Self

Who are you - Beneath the titles and roles you play? Who were you before the world told you who to be? Who were you before a parent, teacher, classmate, colleague - made a judgement or remark that made you feel small, ashamed, useless or wrong..? 

Your True Self is still inside of you. But you've lived in automatic and survival mode so long that you can barely hear her whispers anymore- aka your inner wisdom. She knows you are destined for more - to Shine Bright and Live an Empowered Life! Choose to say YES to Strengthening your Intuition and your relationships (starting within), Trusting Yourself, Spirit & Tune Back into your True Authentic Self.

Take a Mini or Immersive Journey - both journeys are inclusive of a Discovery & Intention setting session (55mins each), Nourishing meditations, mindful activities, weekly 1:1 coaching zoom calls (45mins), journaling practices, support & resources via email between sessions.


  • Mini: Dive into the Inner Work of Healing and Re-discovery with a 6- week mini journey on a path of Reconnecting.  Journey for £297 

  • Immersive: Take a beautifully balanced but deeply immersive journey over 12-weeks to Reconnect and finally feel Your true self - Emerge Renewed and Free to Live your Best Life. Take this path to rediscover Yourself, Your voice, get Heart-Centred and Live Authentically & Radiantly Inspired. Journey for £547

Payment plans are available for both investment options. 

*Please be sure to read through the FAQs here before booking.

Coaching programs


Be. Here. Now.

This moment is the only true reality.

Breathe it in...

Get Grounded.

Anchored in the Now.

Connected - to Your True, Authentic,

Heart-Centred Self.

If you've ever been curious about meditation

or thought "I can't meditate" - think again ;)



Be guided and experience different forms of meditation.

*Includes an introduction, intention setting, journaling and intuitively guided messages to reflect upon.

Nourish Within

Allow 45min per session. All sessions are online via Zoom so you can enjoy this mindful experience from anywhere in the world - cosy in your living room, on your lunch break, or out in nature (as long as there's a wifi connection). Grab a candle and notepad (for any inspired insights or realisations) and get comfy!

  • 1:1 Private session £15 / Package of 5 sessions £65


Or why not grab your soul sisters to create a Group (2-3 people) £10p.p


Speaking & 

If you'd like to feature my work, hire me to speak at your event/ program, collaborate on a value-aligned project, interview me or have me as a guest on your podcast - I would love to hear more!

Please share the details and your vision via email on the contact page.

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