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What’s a Life Coach?

By definition: “A life coach is someone whose job involves helping people to improve their lives by doing challenging or worthwhile things.”

Essentially the focus & elements of NWS Coaching are:

  • Mindfulness

  • Habit Change

  • Mindset / Beliefs

  • Support & Accountability (loving nudges)

  • Self Discovery & Reconnection, with a sense of Curiosity

Alignment. Heart-Centred. Strength. Inner Trust. Wisdom


A life coach is Not - A therapist or consultant. 


If you feel you need professional support with your mental health, please lovingly honour that. Reach out to your local doctor, mental health support line &/or consider therapy with a service such as BetterHelp (online and convenient via video/voice call and messaging).



What is a NWS coaching session like?


This will depend on the type of session - but all sessions start by getting mindful and taking a breath! The time together is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the hectic chatter of your outside (and inner) world and create a safe and nourishing space to come home to yourself, to take a moment and truly be in the here and now. It’s a sacred time to say YES to you, your wellness and whom you’re becoming. Imagine being able to look forward to taking a mini-retreat every week or two - without the time and cost of flights <3



How much time will it take?


In terms of a session - generally, they are between 45 - 90mins, it depends on the type of session, or offer chosen. Each journey on the services page outlines the duration, investment and inclusions.  If you’re wondering about how long it will take to experience ‘results’ then, great news - your transformation begins the moment you say “YES” to committing to your wellbeing with NWS and continues every day throughout your Nourish Wellness journey, and beyond. If you’ve done countless workshops/webinars, challenges and read books yet feel like you’re forever stuck in the cycle of trying, sick and tired of ‘not getting anywhere’ - chances are good that you’ve ‘known’ what to do or had resources but didn’t have the right support, the right system or the right accountability to truly experience the inner & outer shifts you deserve and desire.  Commit and Show Up for yourself like never before! See what became possible for these beautiful souls through Nourish Wellness <testimonials>

What kind of clients do you work with?

Ultimately- people who are READY and fully committed to showing up, respecting and honouring our time together.

I help those who feel stressed, tired and overwhelmed, to break generational cycles of unconscious conditioning & limiting beliefs that are keeping them small (and unfulfilled) to start becoming Aware, Conscious and start Choosing their experience of Life. Women who wish to live an authentic empowered and inspired life who seek to align with their inner wisdom - Now is your time! 



Who is not suited to NWS coaching?


- People who are NOT ready and fully committed to showing up, respecting and honouring our time together (I will hold space and time for you but it's only fair, beneficial and in your best interest, if it goes both ways).

- People who are not ready or willing to take responsibility for their life.

- You acknowledge that as part of your personal journey, as you become more aware and stretch beyond where you’ve been before, there may be personally challenging and uncomfortable moments of your experience that could invoke feelings of frustration, stress, annoyance etc and you agree to communicate these with me, stay committed to your journey and will not hold me liable. 

As a coach, I’m part cheerleader (holding space & belief in you and reminding you to be gentle on yourself) and part tough-love coach (calling you out when you default to old patterns). Clearing what's getting in the way of you SHOWING UP FOR YOURSELF can be challenging and bring up some uncomfortable feelings - in Saying YES to you and signing up for a coaching program, you agree to stay committed through it all!

Get excited - it's worth it! <3  

I can’t meditate / journal

If you're reading this then at least you're open to it which is wonderful... because that's all it takes! When you're curious, you explore, discover and experience new things and new ways of being. You gain insight, get clear and create a space to truly listen to what your body, mind and spirit is trying to communicate with you. Being open-minded is one of the keys to meditation & journaling, so you're already on your way. Meditation is so much more than a cross-legged zen master that people often envision when thinking of meditation. It is not about having no thoughts. It doesn't necessarily even mean sitting down. But it is about having a beginners mind. So, if you're willing to take a journey to discover and experience mindfulness and meditation, then let me guide you and book a session, or join go on the waitlist for the next 'Meditation for Beginners Journey', a 6-week series incorporating journaling. 

I can’t afford it or I don’t have time…


I believe you <3

Contemplate for a moment if you will: If money were not an issue, is this something you’d like to be engaged in? Let’s put the money aside for a moment. How might your life dramatically shift if you followed through? And how is it costing you emotionally, physically, mentally and in your life, relationships, finances, work etc to stay stuck where you are..? And what might become possible for you in your life if you were to say YES to prioritising your wellbeing - what might open up, how would it look and feel to be free of what’s holding you back? It can be scary but exciting to contemplate and realise that it actually IS possible to live a more energised, inspired and radiant life, knowing you have support and accountability along the way to finally experience empowering shifts! Maybe this moment right now, or NWS doesn’t truly align with you and that’s ok, honour that. But if you hear a little whisper of ‘Yes, I want this, I need this!’, then listen to your inner wisdom. Don’t let time/money be your barrier, there are payment plans available with some packages, and a number of journeys at various investment options. The most important thing is to honour what’s true for you - and if you don’t know what that is, know that NWS is all about guiding You back to Your truth, on how to get clear on what that is for you, reconnecting within, strengthening your intuition, confidence and trust ;)

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