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Mindfulness meditation course

- 8 weeks -
Perfect for beginners

Be. Here. Now.

If you've ever been curious about meditation

or thought "I can't meditate" - think again ;)


Welcome to your MINDFULNESS Journey

Be guided and experience different forms of meditation and mindfulness to:

Live life more deeply, more fully, and more present

Each week we'll dive gently but deeply into a different way to experience mindfulness - that shifts your relationship with the word 'meditation' from being something you feel you should do, to something that becomes a Joy and Respite. Something you seek and wish to Embody more and are Empowered through.   

Consider exercise for a moment - if exercise meant that there was only one sport to participate in, you tried that and didn't have a great experience, you'd end up thinking 'this isn't for me' and understandably would never exercise again! But the reality of exercise is that there are MANY different ways you can move, play and be active. There are games, classes, gym equipment, team sports, yoga, dance, athletics, swimming, etc... and we are free to experiment, explore and try them all, choosing to do whichever feels good! A similar concept is true for meditation - there are MANY different ways to incorporate Mindfulness into your days and have a more Mindful life. And meditation is not a matter of sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, trying not to think... 

Open your heart and mind to take a Mindful Journey experiencing meditation through movement, the breath, visualisation, affirmations, gratitude, and more - be guided as you explore and deeply but gently experience each of these. 

Establish and/or deepen your own practice through the Nourish Wellness sessions- leading you to embody more Mindfulness, Clarity, Abundance, Love, Calm, and Flow. Improve your sleep, productivity, focus, energy & stress levels, resilience, communication, and relationships - with yourself, and with others. This intentional time and space together creates the opportunity to reflect upon various themes of life, reconnect with yourself through the curated journaling prompts provided, experience Mindfulness in a whole new way, and contemplate the intuitively guided messages that come through.

The Mindfulness Meditation Journey Includes:

  • An initial introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Journey opening and closing rituals

Each Session-​

  • Intention setting

  • A Mindfulness theme & lesson

  • Guided Meditations

  • Journaling and Intuitively guided messages to reflect upon



It's a Wonderfully Deep but Nourishing guided 8-week Mindfulness Journey.

- All sessions are held online - so you can enjoy this mindful experience from anywhere in the world  including cosy in your living room, on your afternoon break, or out in nature (as long as there's a wifi connection)

- Allow 45-60min per session

- Once a week, except week 7 which is used as an integration week 

- The course is designed to be taken over 8 consecutive weeks and inclusive of any emergency rescheduling, must be completed within 10-weeks


So Book in, then come to your session with a candle and notepad (for inspired insights, lessons & realisations), and get comfy!

Journey over 8-weeks for £297

Nourish Within

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